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Every girl with fake nails understands these struggles

Wale wa acrylics, which other struggles do you encounter?

Acrylics (Woman's World)

Long acrylics nails are the current trend and we are in love with them. They are gorgeous and give you that classy look.

Even so, fake nails come with a whole lot of challenges. If you are gonna get fake nails, brace yourself for the struggles that they come with. Ask any girl with fake nails and they will tell you that it isn’t all easy.

Typing on the keyboard is a real struggle


First, if your job involves a lot of typing, you can as well forget about acrylics and stick-ons – unless you want them short. As if it’s not enough trouble, the fake nails draw all the attention towards you because of the noise they produce.

Putting on stockings

It’s almost impossible to wear stockings without tearing them with your nails.

Picking a fallen coin is no longer that easy


It looks very simple until a coin falls on the counter and you can’t even collect it. Then people around you are staring at you wondering why you are struggling with such an easy task.

Forget about texting

If you can’t do without chatting, then be ready for endless typos because texting with fake nails is quite a challenge.


You can’t clasp your jewelry

See that beautiful necklace you love? You will have to forget about it for a while or get someone to help you clasp it.

They trap dirt

You must be very careful to make sure that your nails don’t trap dirt. You have to learn new tricks such as how to feast on certain delicacies like ugali without tampering with your nails.


They are always on your way

You try picking your card from the ATM machine, the nails block the way. You try to open a can and you realize that you are just about to break your nails. 


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