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8 struggles every girl with a small bum understands

Which struggle can you relate to?

Small butt struggles (Openfit)

In a previous article, we had a look at some of the struggles that girls with big bums go through. Since girls with small or what people will refer to as ‘flat’ bums also have some struggles, it’s only fair to have a look at them as well.

Check out some of them:

1. You can’t sit on bae


If you sit on his laps, he will complain that you are too bony and it hurts. Or, he will choose to play it cool and keep quiet but deep down, he wishes that you could just sit on the couch instead.

2. Riding a bicycle hurts

And so does sitting on the bench! Like you need something to cushion you but your small but can’t do any of that. You have to keep on standing to at least give your poor bum a break.

3. You can’t even twerk


What’s there to shake even? When other girls are shaking their bum bums in a party, you just watch and wish you could do the same.

4. Posing for photos is challenging

You almost break your back while trying to pose for a photo because you want it to seem like you got a big booty.


5. Pants don’t fit well

They might fit well around the thighs but your butt? Baggy and saggy. On the other hand, sweat pants leave more than necessary space around the trunk and it sucks.

6. Deras are not for you


You think people look amazing in them but when you wear them, you can’t help but feel sorry for your small booty.

7. You get mistaken for a guy from behind

“Oops, sorry! I thought you are a guy.”

8. You try squats but they won’t work


And now all you can think of is how you are going to get that Brazilian butt lift once you have saved enough for it.


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