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Things we all do in the bathroom other than showering



But it’s not always that you enter the shower and you actually do what you were supposed to do, which is wash your body. Sometimes, we end up doing our own things and even wasting so much time. I guess it’s human nature. That said. Here are things people do in the shower besides washing their bodies.

1. Singing.

Especially when the water is cold and you’re trying to encourage yourself. Somehow, the Mariah Carey in you comes out in full force.


2. Struggling to regulate the water temperature.

You have at one point spent a good five minutes, frustrated AF, trying to get the best water temperature cause the shower was either too hot or too cold right? It’s even more frustrating if you’re visiting someone or you’re in a hotel and can’t really figure out how that particular shower works.

3. Peeing.

If we are being completely honest, we have all peed in the shower at one point. Especially when the water is so nice and hot you just can’t help it…

4. Shaving.


Isn’t that the best time to get rid of all the unnecessary body hairs though?

5. Have sex.

I don’t see a reason not to…in fact, some couples prefer shower sex because of the lubrication.

6. Meditation


Sometimes you just wanna stand in the shower, crying, thinking, letting your creative juices flow, it’s the best time. As the hot water trickles down your shoulders, etc. It really is some form of relaxation after a long day.

7. Cleaning the actual bathroom.

Wash your dirty undies, scrub the bathroom floor, tiles etc.


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