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Tips to keep your vaginal pH balanced

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Healthy vagina(The Cord)

A pH of 4.5 and below is usually the best to ensure that the vagina is healthy. The higher it gets, the worse it becomes.

Bacteria thrive best in alkaline environments hence the reason the pH should always be acidic. This keeps bacterial and fungal infections at bay. Even though the vagina is self-cleaning, you also have a role to ensure that the pH is balanced.

Here’s what you should do to keep it balanced:

1. Avoid harsh soaps


You don’t have to clean it with scented soaps for it to be clean. In fact, warm water is enough. And if you must use soap, then it should be a very mild soap. Soaps increase the pH of the vagina making it prone to infections.

2. Use condoms

Condoms not only protect you from STIs but also keeping your girl parts healthy. Semen is alkaline in nature and will thus alter the vaginal pH.

3. No douching


If you have problems with vaginal odor, visit the doctor instead of douching. Douching also affects the pH.

4. Change tampons regularly

Blood has a very high pH hence the reason your vagina is more alkaline during your periods. Leaving the tampon on for too long not only raises its pH but also exposes you to bacterial infections.


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