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This home-made moisturizer is the answer to dry skin

It's quick and super easy!

DIY moisturizer for dry skin (Courtesy)

It’s never easy to have dry skin. You have to constantly look for ways to keep your keep your skin moisturized failure to which it feels super dry, flaky, tight and even itchy. There are always tips you can follow if you have dry skin, like drinking a lot of water and moisturizing right after showering so as to lock in the moisture, to mention but a few. Nowadays, there are so many beauty gurus specializing in DIY content and thanks to them, you can make your own products from the comfort of your home. Take for instance, a great natural moisturizer for dry skin. Sometimes, you don’t find a product that caters to your needs and one that works perfectly for you. If you’re struggling to find a great moisturizer, you can make this simple honey and glycerin moisturizer at home.

All you will need is:

1 teaspoon of honey

2 teaspoons of glycerin


1 teaspoon of slightly diluted lemon juice

2 teaspoons of green tea


Mix all the ingredients well and massage the mixture gently on your skin for a few minutes then leave it overnight and wash it off the next day.


This works perfectly to moisturize dry skin because glycerin and honey are humectants that keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Lemon brightens up your skin, while the green tea calms your skin and keeps off infections.

Try this at least once a week, to ensure that your skin is always moisturized.


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