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7 mistakes women should stop making with their underwear

Every woman is guilty of doing this with their underwear

Just like women make mistakes with their bras is the same way they make mistakes with their panties and here are some common ones that every woman should be aware of.

1.Taking too long to replace them

It is recommended to replace your underwear every six months. Bacteria tends to grow if the same underwear is used for a long time which is not good for your vaginal health.


2.Wearing underwear that is too tight/small

Not only does wearing small underwear make it easy for you to have visible panty lines – annoying- but it can also pose a serious health risk down there.

This can happen when moisture is trapped in your underwear which can provide a conducive breeding ground for infections.

3.Wearing the wrong fabric of underwear

Cotton underwear is the most recommended type of fabric when choosing your underwear thanks to its breathable nature.


This can greatly help to prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and fungal infections.

This is not to deter you from wearing whichever type of underwear but just make sure that the vaginal area is made from cotton.

4.Using scented soaps when washing your underwear

They may make your panties smell amazing but do the complete opposite for your vagina.

Scented soaps contain chemicals that can prove to be very harmful to your vagina – irritation or rashes. There are more effective and proper ways to clean your underwear.


5.Not regularly changing underwear after working out

First of all, nasty. Secondly, when you work out you’re definitely going to sweat especially down there so there’s moisture and moisture down there can lead to UTIs, infections and the growth of bacteria.

6.Not wearing underwear during the day

Yeah so apparently going commando isn’t so great after all – at least during the day.

Your clothes don’t have the liner that your underwear has which can irritate your vagina when your clothes rub on it for instance pants.


7.Wearing underwear at night

Sleeping without underwear helps your vagina to breath during the night. The vagina has time to self-clean while sleeping in the nude.

You tend to sweat a lot while sleeping which causes moisture thus making you prone to vaginal issues such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.


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