Vaseline beauty hacks every woman should try

What Vaseline beauty hacks do you use?

While back them it was only used to moisturize the body – still is – these days Vaseline can be used for numerous other things.

1.It’s a great make-up remover

Vaseline can reportedly be used as a make=up remover for stubborn make-up such as eye shadow for instance.

2.Use it as a highlighter

If your make-up kit is short of a highlighter, worry not because Vaseline can work as a great highlighter. Apply little amounts to the areas of your face you would like highlighted and you’re good to go.

3.Helps to define eye lashes

If you want your eye lashes to stand out and aren’t feeling the mascara that day, try using Vaseline.

4.Use it to wear earrings in piercings that are almost closed

Apparently, Vaseline can also help to put on earrings through piercings that are almost closed.

5.Nail polish opener

If you’re having trouble opening your nail polish, apply a bit of Vaseline to the cap of the bottle before closing it up. It should ease opening it up the next time you want to apply nail polish.


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