Warning signs to watch out for during pregnancy

Never ignore them

Fighting pregnant woman

The journey to motherhood is no walk in the park. It’s packed with uncomfortable symptoms some of which are normal.

However, some of the signs experienced during pregnancy can be dangerous and you should see the doctor as soon as you detect them.

Check out some of the danger signs that may put you and the baby’s health at risk:

1. Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding could mean different things during pregnancy. While slight spotting could be harmless, you should never ignore heavy bleeding. In the first trimester, heavy bleeding, feeling weak and abdominal pains could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. In the third trimester, bleeding may occur due to an infection or abruption of the placenta. To be on the safe side, any form of bleeding during pregnancy deserves a visit to the doctor.

2. Headaches and blurred vision

Blurry vision accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, swelling and abdominal pain could be a sign of gestational diabetes or a condition known as preeclampsia. Both of these require treatment for the sake of the mother’s and the baby’s health.

3. You no longer feel your baby

If you no longer feel your baby kicking, could be it’s just having a rest. Take a cold drink, eat something or lie down to see if the baby starts kicking. If you still don’t feel it, see a doctor soonest possible. It’s also a good idea to keep count of the times your baby kicks so that you know when it kicks less.

4. Excessive nausea and vomiting

While morning sickness is common in pregnancy, excessive vomiting could dehydrate you. Dehydration is not good for the baby hence the reason you should seek medical attention.

5. Gush of fluids

Are you constantly wet down there? Your water might have broken. But if it’s too early to be on labor, seek help.

6. Burning sensation

UTIs are very notorious during pregnancy. If you experience an urgent need to urinate and experience a burning sensation when urinating, you could be having a bladder infection. You may also notice a difference in the color and smell of your vaginal discharge.


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