What the location of your pimples says about your health

Did you know that your face is the window to your health?


Your face indicates what is going on with your body and overall health. The T zone of the face (forehead nose to chin) as well as the cheeks indicate what is happening inside your body. So, the next time a pimple pops up on your face, you need to know what’s happening. That said, here’s what your face says about your health:

1. Pimples on the upper forehead.

This is linked with the digestive system. When you have poor digestion, your body will have a hard time breaking down the food and that will lead to a build up of toxins. Try and drink a lot of water and stay hydrated as water assists in digestion. You should also eat foods rich in fiber and those that have a more antioxidant rich foods or drinks.

2. Lower forehead.

Pimples on the lower forehead are associated with the mind and spirit. This might be due to irregular sleeping patterns, stress, depression, bad circulation and so on. To avoid this problem, try and sleep early, ideally before 11 pm and try and get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Before sleeping, relax your mind, take a hot bath, have some warm tea or even meditate to relax.

3. Nose.

This is mostly due to blood pressure and stress.

4. Eyebrows.

Breakouts around the eyebrows could be caused by consuming a high fat diet and consuming alcohol.

5. Ears.

That’s your kidneys crying out for help. Most of the times, kidney problems are caused by lack of water and consumption of too much salt and caffeine.

6. Right and left side of the cheek.

Right side of the cheek is linked to the lungs. Pimples on the right side of the cheek could be caused by allergies, respiratory stress, smoking etc. Left side of the cheek is linked to the liver.

7. Mouth and center of the chin.

This area is linked to the stomach and small intestines. Pimples showing up on this area could be caused by eating too much fast food or constipation.

8. Side of the chin.

This is associated with the menstrual cycle of the women, hormonal imbalance or your kidneys overworking.


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