Important things you should know before getting bikini wax

It's no walk in the park

Shaving pubic hair requires a great deal of care.

Whether you prefer shaving down there or simply trimming the hair with scissors, there is never harm in trying something more adventurous. Like getting a bikini wax maybe? Well, I know this one might seem a little bit more uncomfortable and unbearable to some people. But hey, if you are up to the task, go for it and include it in your bucket list.

But before you even visit an expert or try to DIY, like every game, there are do’s, don’ts, and things to know prior to waxing down there. Once you have enough knowledge, you will be at a better position to decide if you really want to get a bikini wax and also get prepared both physically and emotionally.

That said, check out some of the things you need to be informed about before your very first bikini waxing:

1. Pain will be there

Why not just call a spade a spade, huh? While getting a bikini wax isn’t as painful as labour pain, pain is guaranteed. You want your pubic area all smooth and you don’t want to keep on shaving every week? Be ready for the pain that comes with bikini waxing.

2. The longer the hair, the better

Don’t even try to shave or trim your pubic hair prior to waxing. Unless you had neglected the area for months and the hair is pretty long, your hair should be at least a quarter an inch while waxing. If your hair is shorter than that, you may not get the best results and you are also likely to experience more pain.

3. You don’t want to do it around your period

Not just because you might feel uncomfortable having it done with a tampon string hanging down there but mainly because your skin is more sensitive around that period. That is to say that you might have to deal with more pain. Ensure you go at least five days earlier or after your period.

4. Dress lightly

When going to the salon to get it done, make sure you wear something light and comfortable. After waxing, the last thing you will want is chafing due to tight clothing.A dress or skirt would be good.

5. Give yourself some time before slaying in your bikini

No, you can’t wax today and go swimming the following day. The redness on the waxed area takes some days to recover and you will, therefore, need to stay at least three days before wearing your swimsuit. You might also take longer than that since the recovery process varies from one person to another.

6. Avoid sex after waxing

Any physical activity that makes you sweat down there like sex, working out or getting exposed to the sun is a bad idea. After waxing, your pores are open and your skin is quite sensitive. Sweat will trigger irritations and you do not want that.


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