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Why you can't keep an erection with condom on and what to do

It's frustrating

Banana with condom(Sexual Health Quarters)

With the rate at which people are getting STIs, you can’t risk having sex without a condom. It may not feel as good as it would be if done without a condom of course. But then, there is more to life than a few minutes of pleasure, right?

So, even if you can’t keep an erection with a condom on, you should look for a solution but not opt for unprotected sex. Losing an erection as soon as you wear a condom is quite common although you might only think you are the only who has the problem; mostly because men don’t share their sexual problems with each other.

It can be frustrating to you and both your partner and it may happen to various reasons such as:

1. Anxiety


One of the main reasons for losing the erection is fear of expectation, being nervous or feeling under physical or even emotional pressure. To handle that, try and relax and clear your mind of any fears. Also, to maintain the erection, you can have your partner put on the condom as the continue stimulating you. The anxiety can also happen if it’s the first time with a new partner.

2. Wrong condom size

Condoms have different sizes and the wrong size will definitely kill your erection. If it’s too tight, it will prevent the flow of blood to the penis. Try out different types of condoms until you get the correct size.


3. Lack of proper stimulation

The solution of this is getting the best stimulation from your partner. Communicate what stimulates you and have them do it. If you have to get oral sex for you to stay hard even after wearing the condom, make it known to your partner.

4. Keeping the condoms out of reach


If you have to spend a few minutes searching for the condoms, then this might as well kill your desire for making you lose your erection. If you are anticipating to have sex, keep them somewhere you can easily reach them.

Another remedy for this problem is masturbating with the condom on. You can practice doing it alone until you get used to condoms. If the problem does not come to an end, don’t just throw in the towel. Seek help from a counselor or medical practitioner. 


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