What’s your acne home remedy? Anyone who has struggled with acne can tell you how annoying it is. You try all sorts of home remedies and you see no results. You try the new cream everyone is swearing by but you still see no results. Sucks, right?

No scientific backup

Toothpaste is not safe for acne

Home remedies can be lifesaving but they can also be very dangerous especially because some of them are just myths. Myths that have no scientific backup. And again, what works for one person may only damage your face. Bottom line? Not all home remedies are secure and you shouldn’t go about experimenting with things on your face if you are not sure if they are safe.

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Now, we have all heard that toothpaste does magic when it comes to drying and clearing pimples. That it can, in fact, get rid of an ugly pimple overnight. Amazing, right? I know. Who wouldn’t want to try out such an amazing and fast yielding remedy anyway?

Some sad news, however, is that toothpaste is not safe for use in clearing pimples and acne. There are better options to deal with acne than smearing toothpaste on the affected area. Besides, toothpaste could end up doing more damage to your skin than good.

Ingredients are harmful to the skin

getting rid of pimples(The Insyder)

First, toothpaste dries the skin really fast. And while it may dry up the pimple, it could also dry up the area excessively placing you at the risk of skin breakouts.  

And that’s not all. The ingredients in toothpaste are meant for your oral hygiene but not skin care. They are harsh and could cause skin irritation. Acne prone skin always reacts to dryness and irritation by producing more acne. I bet that’s not something you would want.

So get it clear today, once and for all. Toothpaste is not good for your skin.