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3 big lies you should avoid in your CV

Don't lie on your CV to impress your prospective employer.

Don't try to impress your prospective employers by lying on your CV. (Forbes)

If you think lying in your CV to stand out of other job seekers is cool, you’re wrong. You only make your job search tougher for yourself.

So, whether it’s a little white lie or an outright fabrication, it’s very important you avoid telling lies in your CV. And for you to have a clean and sound CV, you need to avoid having these three lies in your credential.


Some job candidates have an endless list of skills in their CV. Fantastic. Such is the kind of CV employers want to see. However, what matters here is not the list of skills you have in your CV but your ability to demonstrate the skills.

Remember that using a program or software a few time doesn’t make you an expert. So whatever skill you are including in your credential, make sure it is something you’re very good at and can demonstrate it anywhere,

Another common deceit in job candidates’ credentials is date deception. This is usually done to cover up employment gap stretching dates for one or two jobs to cover a time gap.


Lots of job candidate don’t want their hiring manager to see employment gap or a short period of employment in their CV. For instance, someone who worked in an organization for say, three months might want to stretch the date to eight or nine months. This is often done to avoid being questioned about their short employment stint in an organization.

If you understand the importance of certification on your CV, you don’t have to include it on your credential when you don’t have one. Job seekers that put up this kind of untrue claims in their CV might also say their professional certificate was destroyed in a fire incident if hiring managers ask for it.

However, rather than stating a false claim that may end up destroying your career in your CV, sign up for an online course and get the certificate after all, some of these online courses are free.


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