Career success is not tied to any particular gender. What men can do, they say women can do better. 

Women can lead just as well as men. Women can get to the top of the ladder of their career the same way men do. 

If you’re a young woman pushing for your dream, don’t ever feel limited because you’re a woman. And to get you going, here are five tips for you to become the boss you’re destined to be.

1. Promote yourself

Don't feel shy to talk about your achievements. (lionessesofafrica)

Self-promotion is key for your career growth and you need to embrace it with confidence. Don’t ever feel uncomfortable speaking about your achievements. 

You can also promote yourself in your workplace. Discuss the steps you’re taking to get better at what you do with your boss, he/she might have better suggestions on how to go about it. 

2. Document your achievements

Always make sure you hit your target, you'll be happy you do. (That Sister)

To keep track of your successes, you need to write down your commendations. This will help you remember your achievement and bring it up for discussion when it’s time to advocate for a promotion. 

3. Don’t be afraid to speak up

Speak up and be free to express your opinions. (jaxbcc)

One of the challenges facing young professional women is the idea that they should sit back and let their male senior colleagues hash things out. Don’t be a victim of this belief. Be free to express your opinion but don’t insert yourself into every conversation just because you want to be heard. If you agree with anything and have a different opinion about it, express it without being disrespectful.