3 risks that may put you in a serious career problem

Avoid these three mistakes. Don't put your career at risk. Read to know what the mistakes are.

These mistakes can cost you your career. Avoid them.

You're very active and good at what you do for your company. You're the go-to guy everyone including your superiors want to work and relate with. You’re fantastic and all your colleagues like your work style. But hey, don’t put yourself in problems by making these career mistakes.

1. Quitting your job because you had a bad day/week

There’s no perfect job anywhere. Everyone has a bad day or bad week every time and that doesn’t mark the end of their job. Don’t get too emotional to drop the resignation letter when you have a bad day.

Instead, assess the situation. What led to the situation? Why are you not happy? Are you angry because you didn’t get promotion or a raise you’ve been asking for? Rather than focusing your energy on unproductive emotion, think about what to do to better the situation. However, if your job is taking a serious toll on you, it may be time for you to look for another job.

2. Doing something you believe is unethical or illegal

Everybody has a moral compass. A line we won’t like to cross no matter how attractive the other side looks. If anyone, your boss or colleague wants you to do something you fear is wrong, don’t do it out of respect for the person. Don’t be afraid to push it back and let him know you aren’t comfortable with it. If you do and it backfires, you might end up facing the music alone. So, why not trust your instinct and prevent an avoidable problem?

3. Overstepping boundaries

There’s a reason why every company has an organization structure. In this structure, there is a hierarchy with unwritten rules. And trust me, you don’t want to overstep these boundaries.

It’s important you respect the proper chain of command in your organization to keep its operation running the way it should. Don’t feel too important to override your superiors, you might create tension and that could put a dent on your career.


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