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4 serious signs your job is slowly killing you and it’s time to move on

If you are not constantly learning or growing your CV, then it's time to change jobs

People are quitting their jobs at rates not seen in two decades.

It is easy to miss the signs that your job no longer suits you. Sometimes you don’t realize, or don’t want to, because you are in some sort of a comfort zone that suits all your needs so you end up coping with it.

If you are not constantly learning and growing your resume, your network and your confidence, then it's high time to seek out new challenges and learning opportunities.

Here now are five signs that your job might be killing you:

1. You are working too much


Nothing burns good employees out quite like overworking them as it often feels as if they’re being punished for great performance

Recent studies have shown that regular overtime is associated with unhealthy weight gain, depression, and increased alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Working for too long will lead to a burnout and soon enough you will reach your limit.

When that feeling of being almost completely out-of-gas becomes the norm on any given day, then something needs to change.

2. You’d rather be doing anything but your job


Your mind always seeks to escape your current situation or else it will collapse.

At some point, you end up recalling other opportunities you let go, which sounded awful when you turned them down, but now they look like heaven.

Been there?

3. You’re yearning for the weekend every single day

You have been miserable from Monday to Thursday then boom — its Friday!


The only moment you feel a glimpse of happiness is when you realize that today is that day of the week, and you’ve got two complete days to finally be you.

However, you still feel trapped since that little break didn’t do too much to give you that rest.

Some people may even stress about work and go into the office to get a few things done before Monday.

4. You hardly concentrate at work

Studies have shown that even periods of short-term stress can have an effect on parts of the brain responsible for learning and memory.


Lack of concentration and boredom kill general productivity and inhibit mental clarity.


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