Janet Jackson splits with her Husband

3 months into parenthood and the pop singer is calling it quits

Janet and Al Mana.

Theirs has been quite a private affair with the little of their new only coming direct from the horse’s mouth. However, the juicy story of their separation has been split into amicable separation and Janet’s depart from a controlling Al Mana by various sources.

Janet, the legendary singer and youngest sibling to the late Michael Jackson, has been previously married to James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo Jr. She finally wedded Al Mana in 2012, a quiet affair that has lasted five years with a 3 month old baby in the picture.

It was so exclusive that Janet only announced her pregnancy by sharing a baby bump photo with only one news provider to whom she said, “ We thank God for our blessing.”

According to sources, Janet’s lifestyle changed completely after she got married to Al Mana. She gave up her sexy sassy dresses for hijabs and even followed Al Mana’s strict religious rule that she was not to be seen in public while nursing her first born. She’s been living quietly in London with her younger billionaire husband, 41, who even stopped her from performing in revealing outfits, a decision that Janet believes is costing her a fan base.

Yet, at 50 all seemed to be going well for Janet before this unfortunate break up. She was spotted in various places looking healthy and happy about mother hood. In February, she told an online source that her and the new baby are doing ‘really good’ and that she absolutely loves motherhood.

Could this separation be telling more than Janet is letting us know?

According to Public Six, the last straw for the legendary pop singer was Al Mana’s reluctance to show support when Janet’s mom complained of abuse by her nephew Trent.

She is yet to address the public.


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