Survival tactics Nairobians are using to deal with food crisis

Interesting ways Kenyans have deployed to cope with the food crisis that has hit the country.

The price of foodstuff has skyrocketed and supermarket shelves remain empty leaving many with nothing but creative minds to mitigate the plight.

Among the foodstuff that now seem inaccessible to Kenyans include milk, flour, potatoes, tomatoes among others.

Here are 6 ways to curb the food crisis.

1. Buying tomato paste

A recent look at the price of tomato paste in the supermarket indicated that it had not changed that much hence, quite affordable compared to the two tomatoes being sold at Sh25.

Some people now even opt to plant small scale tomatoes in sacks and place them on their balconies.

2. Using Grade 1 Unga

For those who cannot go a day without ugali, posho mills are their new best friends.

It is way cheaper to take those maize seeds to be milled other than buy a packet of flour being sold at Sh165.

3. Vibandaski

Bachelors are now counting the cost of preparing a meal at home and that of enjoying one in a kibanda.

4. Tea is for visitors

Scrolling through social media I learnt that white tea is now designated for visitors in different Kenyan homes.

But for those who hold white tea dear to their heart are turning to buy maziwa ya kupima in order to survive.

5. Cutting down on food consumption

At this time of food crisis, some Kenyan homes are cutting down on their intake.

6. Buying in bulk

Kenyans are now running to those downtown wholesale shops to buy products at cheaper prices.


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