7 deadly crimes Kenyan teenagers are committing

Hessy wa Dandora just threatened another. Is your child next?

Claire and he friend were gunned down by the police over crime.

While the killings have brought a sense of relief to the many victims that have found themselves in the mercy of these unseasoned immature thugs, a lot more other are worrying about the fate of their children. The glaring question is; Just what other evils are the youth into?

1. Illegal alcoholism

Walk along Koinange streets on a Friday afternoon and you'll find them in droves contributing money amongst themselves to buy cheap liquor. Wait up to 8pm and you'll see them dead drunk staggering,helping themselves to find their way before curfew.

Just last year a group of 140 teenagers were arrested in Langata at a house party where minors where drinking alcohol.

2. Weed

Edibles laced with marijuana retail at Sh100 to Sh200. You can get them in a avariety from mabuyus to cakes, muffins and cookies.

Joints are even cheaper.  For the cheap select known as Bongo they are sold for as little as Sh30. High breed marijuana, what most people know as Shash, sell at Sh100 or Sh150. Found only if you've got a dealer, weed is one of the most popular drugs amongst the youth.

3. Homosexuality

Before you bite my head off with LGBT rights and so on, remember that homosexuality  is still illegal according to the Kenyan law.

Girl on girl activities are getting more frequent. Don't look beyond the young girls crossed dressed as men in town. A few years ago it could be excused for fashion. Now, its the easiest way to identify a girl chasing skirts with the boys.

4. Sex and orgies

Parents were left in shock when five High school students in Eldoret were found having a sex orgie of one girl against four boys by Kapsoya Assistant Chief, Fiona Bartocho. A report released late last year in October shows the HIV prevalence amongst the youth is steadily rising. 96 youths are affected with HIV everyday. The concept that these youngins worry more about pregnancy than infections is a glaring issue yet to be curbed.

5. High level crime

The recent killings of self proclaimed teenage thugs by 'Hessy' is clear proof that a lot of teenagers are involved in high level crime.  Young girls in Kayole are said to be carrying guns and other life threatening  weapons for their boyfriends in crime.  On Sunday, another young girl was gunned down in Kayole along side her boyfriend. She was the best friend to 'Nairobi's prettiest thug'. A gun was retreived in the house she was staying in. Hessy just declared death upon a few others. The killing is nowhere nearing a stop. Apparently they are looking for a third suspect, Sabrina Hassan who is said to have trained the other two girls.

6. Abortions

Speaking of pregnancies.  So many young girls are aborting with the most dangerous  and unorthodox  methods ever. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics data, between 2011 and 2015 there were 177 cases reported to police against men and women for "procuring abortion".

7. 'Sponsorship'

Previously the idea of sponsorship meant finding a bursary to pay for fees now sugar daddies have proudly taken up the name.

So widely practiced is it that it has almost become a norm accepted by the society. Old men and women chasing after young girls and boys for sex while they offer money and other goodies.  From it arose the idea of socialites, young women making their wealth from selling their bodies.


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