6 honest reasons why Kenyan women are still single

Avoid this to make sure you get that ring

The pressure to get married is probably something that every ‘marriagable’ man and woman has gone through since time immemorial.

A good number of times, however, a lot of ‘marriagable’ women may be looking to get married and simply cannot find ‘the one’ for them – and it can cause someone to raise some questions about themselves.

This is not to put any doubt in any woman’s mind but just to highlight some things that may be causing their progress to getting that ring stagnate.

Here are some reasons why some Kenyan women are still single.

1.Focusing too much on work and forgetting other responsibilities

Let me first get this out there that a working woman who can juggle work, demanding projects and can still run a fully functional household – key word being functional – is a pretty commendable thing and not all women are able to do that.

There is, however, the aspect of some women may end up being too controlling in such situations and may forget to submit to their men in the process.

2.Unrealistic expectations

Have you ever heard that common statement that people make about when a woman has been single for too long, they require a man with superhuman to come and sweep them off their feet? Well this might just be the problem that some Kenyan women may be facing.

They want a tall, dark and handsome man that has a great – not good – job; a man that can make them laugh but still make them want to pull out their wigs out because they are into a bit of trouble and a bonus of having superhuman abilities in the bedroom.

So basically Kenyan women desire everything unrealistic in the man and this may hinder their chances of getting a man that may just be perfect for them.

3.They always want to be taken care of

It comes as no surprise that Kenyan women like being taken care of - otherwise the rise for need of sponsors in Kenya would not be a constant topic of discussion.

From some women just being plain lazy to work hard for their own to them being to the desire of a comfortable life; Kenyan women have really made embraced the need to be taken care of and social media definitely does not help with that.

The 21st Century woman has a lot to take on because a good number of men want them to have their own thing going on for them while at the same time still be the 'traditional' wife that they want.

4.Kenyan women can be a bit loose

Apparently Kenyan women tend to be more on the loose side especially when it comes to a guy trying to katia them. They are too quick to say yes.

We all know that men like doing the chasing so giving them a bit of a hard time is not all the way that bad. Do not be the yes girl to everything especially when it comes to sex.

Once a guy gets 'it' in one night, there's a zero to nil chance that he will be looking for you to start a family - it's not bad to hope though.

5. Kenyan women tend to settle

Yes, he is a really hot guy, successful and makes you feel all sorts of things inside when you are with him. On the other side however, he cannot seem to handle his drink and gets pretty abusive when he gets drunk - and he doesn't seem like he's going to stop.

You know what to do but choose not to do it, so you end up settling and suffer alone with that one guy that you chose to stick by because you're a ride or die kind of chick.

Yes, not every man is the same and not everyone is perfect but tolerating a man's bad behavior is a whole different kind of story.

6.Kenyan women don't maintain their standards

Dating can get exhausting, especially when you have been doing it for a long time and are unable to find a man.

Not having that man though does not mean that you lower your standards to settle for anything - refer to point number 5.

Always maintain your standards and the right man will come your way.


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