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This is why you are still single

5 things women want in a man

Women, whether aware of it or not, have at one point in their lives formulated a check list of their ideal man and will easily tell you what they would want in that man in a heartbeat.

In order to fully answer this question, conducted a survey of what women really look for in men and these are the qualities that topped most women’s lists.



It goes without saying that a man that knows his stuff is very attractive and our Kenyan ladies agree.

“I’d like a guy who makes informed opinions and someone who can form conversations that hold water,”


On the topic of kindness Nairobi women prefer men to show off their softer sides.

“I want a man who is kind. A man who is kind to people and compassionate towards animals is very attractive.”



“A man who is confident is very attractive but don’t be over-confident,”

A guy who can say no

From our survey most women do not want a yes man. They want a man that is able to say no or rather one who is able to agree to disagree with their women’s opinions.

“I would like a man who is able to hold his own opinion. He should not always agree with everything I have to say.”


Good in bed

"Who doesn't want a man that's good in bed?"

What do you look for in a man?


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