Does manifesting really work? [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

What is this "manifesting" really?

Does manifestation really work? [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

For the question, “Tell me what your heart truly desires?” what would you say? Bigger boobs? A trip to Bali? A flatter stomach? Or even a successful business venture.

I am sure the desires would go from reasonable to vain faster than a person rushing for happy hour.

But what is this "manifesting" really?

It is a concept that thought leaders, authors, musicians and of course your social media influencers all around the globe have spoken about. It ideally means channeling positive thoughts to turn your dream into a reality.

Is the operative word just “dream”?

I believe that it is a powerful thing, to have control over ones’ thoughts. I, however, do not believe that a person can manifest their problems away.

The reasons for what many would call cynicism is founded. This generation has coined new terms for everything.

You disagree with another person’s point of view? Congratulations you're woke.

You did not get time to have some breakfast? Welcome to intermittent fasting.

People no longer like your Instagram photos as much? Oh no! You are cancelled.

You made a viral Tik Tok video during a pandemic and you are now getting endorsement offers? You manifested it!

All these terms, while creative, are really just words that we come up with to fit our current circumstances, regardless of whether they make sense or not.

You cannot think your way in or out of a situation

You could read all the books, listen to all the coaches you want to, take all the classes you need and listen to all the soulful music you want but it will still not change much.

This is a logical fallacy which misleads you to believe that you can get everything you want in life by just thinking about it.

While it is true that setting intentions is one step to take before achieving your goals, it is not the only step to be taken. Manifestation should not be the reason why you do not get up and work for what you want. I mean, even God helps those who help themselves!

If you want to get something, the Law of Attraction is not your answer.

Think good thoughts as you work towards getting money for that mansion. You want to shake what your momma gave you on a yacht in Dubai? Perhaps start by getting a passport.

You want her back? Try unblocking her! You want to make that one million? Then start with a business plan, it does not need to be a good one but just make one and start.

We all possess the power to transform our lives

If at all you take away just one thing from this article today, I would ask it be that you fully commit to your dream. If your dream is to just simply be happy, commit to that. Put in the time, energy and even money to see that through.

Take a self-care day at the spa, go to the gym, make yourself that meal you always like, read that book that has been collecting dust on your shelf and do the things you have always wanted to do but have always been afraid of doing.

I am not anti-manifest, but if there was a club I would seriously join it. If we could so easily think something into existence that would be great, but that’s just not how the real world works. It is impossible to manifest everyone getting their own share of this country, trust me I have tried!

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