Explainer: Does shaving any part of your body make hair grow back faster?

Here is the whole truth! Nothing but the truth.

Explainer: Does shaving any part of your body make hair grow back faster?  Gillette Blue 3

Sometimes being a student seemed pretty easy right? You go to school, learn some educational stuff, and come back in the evening with a pile of homework that should be worked on overnight.

I’m speaking on behalf of a majority of students who endured different struggles while schooling.

They say everyone has struggles, even the ones who seem smarter that everyone.

But there is this struggle of boys and girls who had genes that prompted their hair (Beards, leg hair and pubic) to grow at tender ages. You meet a student probably in form two or three with facial hair already showing or hairy feet.

This mostly was associated with old age. You would hear other students say “Nani siku hizi amekuwa Mzee” and being in high school, nobody wanted to be associated with old age.

But again, there was this myth that once you try and shave your two or three beards that have started to show, then the razor would trigger more beard or hair to grow.

Association of faster hair growth with the razor is just a big lie

This used to scare me a lot as well as a majority of students? Will my classmates troll me for growing beards while still in high school? Will they associate with me with old age?

The myriad of questions that were unanswered inculcated a lot of fear in me which left me with only one option.

I would be forced to hide in the bathroom with a small mirror with only one mission, plucking off the beards that had started to show and avoiding the razor at all costs.

Completing my O’levels, I travelled to Nairobi and guess what I was introduced to a certain clique, college mates who were good friends with the razor. On the other hand, I was a bit bushy with belief that if I made a mistake and shave, then it means my hair would grow back faster, a thing that still scared me off.

However, with time I came to learn of Gillette Blue 3 and the more I used it, the association of faster hair growth with the razor was just a big lie.

Shaving hair on any part of your body would not make it grow back faster. It only eliminates the ‘dead’ portion of the hair shaft.

On average a man shaves about 20,000 times

Statistics show that, on average a man shaves about 20,000 times in his lifetime and always a good and clean shave is achieved by Gillette Blue 3, which offers up to 10 times smoother shaves per razor.

Gillette, being the giant razor on the market offers four different types of razors that’s; Straight razors, Electric razors, Cartridge and Disposable safety razors.

Straight razors- consist of a blade sharpened on one edge.

Electric razors- have rotating blades which are covered by perforated metal discs while some electric razors have straight heads with thin, prickled metals that covers the blades.

Cartridge razors- Use disposable blades and are very good for beginners. They give you a closer shave but are only good for a few shaves.

Disposable safety razors are meant to be disposed after use. They do not require any blade sharpening or replacement and always gives you a clean and close shave. Very good for people who suffer from a skin irritation caused by shaving.

Avoiding after-shave bumps

When you go down to have clean shave, always make sure that your razor is sharp, clean and smooth. This will help avoid the blade pulling on your body hair, hence avoiding after-shave bumps.

Whenever shaving any part of your body always make sure that you shave with the grain as this helps in avoiding irritation and razor burn. Use short strokes with light pressure and do not press the razor into your skin to get the closest shave. While at it, do not go over any area more than twice.

Always clean and store your razors in an upright position in a well ventilated and dry place.


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