The evolution of King Kaka's style

No one rocks a three piece suit quite like King Kaka

The unique poetic style of his music definitely singled him out from any other musician out there and he is clearly showing no signs of stopping anytime soon – not that we want him to anyway.

Aside from music, the Milele hit-maker has also shown his passion in philanthropic work having started initiatives that deal with gender violence, child molestation as well as empowering the African child to achieve their dreams.

Rapper, philanthropist, business man – King Kaka has got to be the perfect definition of an all-rounder.

Another aspect about King Kaka that he seems to have bagged is his fashion - especially his three piece suits.  decided to have a look back at King Kaka's style over the years.

1.Check out King Kaka with lines

2.Remember his signature beenie back in the day. He even had them in different colours- we are kind of glad he got passed this stage though.

3.King Kaka rocking a mohawk

4.Kaligraph Jones and King Kaka

5.Three piece suits; where his style made a complete U-turn

6.We love the fact that King Kaka is not afraid to mix bold colours to completely murder his three piece suit ensembles. Take this yellow and blue three piece suit as an example.

7.He ditched the beenies and now opts for marvins instead.

8.One more three piece suit

9. Okay this is the absolute last one

Image source: Instagram


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