I saw a gentleman the other day, wearing a well-fitting

Don’t you think? There’s something about a man wearing Ankara that’s quite inviting. One thing about Ankara for men is that it’s really not that complicated, you just need to know how to style the piece; be it a blazer, shirt, pants or a suit, to create a balance and of course ensure that it’s well fitting. Imagine a baggy Ankara suit? That would be a disaster. If you’re not keen on the trend, you can start small, by wearing a tie, pocket square, bow tie or even wearing a plain shirt infused with Ankara. A while back, Ankara was literally the in thing and because of being worn too much by literally everyone and their mother, it became a wee bit overrated. But that does not mean that it’s cancelled. Ankara is here to stay - it will never go out of style. All you have to do is style it like a pro so as to standout from the crowd and look like the next Mr. Steal your girl. See modern ways to wear Ankara.

1. Rule of thumb, any suit that you have tailor-made has to be the perfect fit.

Peep how this gent styled his Ankara suit with a shirt that matches the prints? Stylish. We also love that he added a personal touch to the look by adding some accessories.

2. Generally, Ankara suits are already quite busy due to the prints and colors so keep it subtle and the let the outfit do the talking for you.

Ditch the belt, even the tie and go for cropped pants paired with casual loafer shoes without socks.

3. The beauty of an Ankara suit is that you can wear it as separates.

The blazer, alone, styled with a pair of jeans and a dress shirt.

4. And the pants, styled casually with a dress shirt or even tee and loafers for a casual weekend look.

Actor, Mofe totally rocked the hell out of his Ankara pants. A whole snack.

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5. If a suit is perhaps too much for you, fair enough.

How about a shirt or tunic top which in fact, comes in handy as the perfect wedding guest outfit?

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6. We are totally digging this Ankara kimono and how the gent styled it.

While a kimono is not every man's cup of tea when it comes to style, it's a must-have staple for someone with an eclectic or afro-centric style.

7. Matching shorts and shirt ensemble anyone?

A great outfit choice for a sunny social weekend event. If you skip leg day though, you might wanna stick to pants...

8. Totally digging this Ankara sweatshirt.

You could also have an Ankara bomber jacket instead. This look is perfect for campus or weekend street style. Just grab your jeans, sneakers, a tee and your Ankara bomber or sweatshirt and you're good to go.

9. As earlier mentioned, if the prints are too much for you, you can start small, by trying out plain clothes, infused with Ankara.

Take for instance this simple shirt infused with Ankara that makes for a understated yet stylish look.

10. Or this classic plain tee with bits of Ankara for the guy who is too shy to rock head to toe Ankara.

11. Still a bit too much? Okay, okay, start with a tie, pocket square of bow tie.

No seriously, as an African man, you must have at least one Ankara item in you closet. How else will you pay homage to your roots, style-wise?

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