Makeup products don’t come cheap yet women drain their purse to acquire them.

Price Scream!

All they say, greatness comes at a cost so is a beauty. If you don’t believe, ask the slay queens how much they spend on their red carpet looks.

This article is not only for women who are low on cash but it teaches how to save for extra cash.

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Less is more

Quick tip; don’t wear makeup everyday, save your products for special occasions. Don’t overdo it when you apply makeup.  Use less makeup and save money.

You only need one coat of mascara and one coat of blush to last the entire day.

Fix broken makeup

If you break an eye shadow kit, or crack the lid of a compact, you don’t have to throw the product away. Instead, scrape the remains of the product into a tiny jar or box with a lid, and continue to reuse the product.

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Shop during discount time

Most companies offer discount sales during festive occasions. This is the best opportunity to fill up your makeup kits.

Consider expiration dates

If you buy makeup, make sure you can use it before the expiration date.  Check for expiration dates when buying makeup products.

For instance, you should only keep eye makeup, such as mascara, for three months. On the other end of the spectrum, dry makeup, such as blush, lasts for two years.

Buy quality makeup brushes

Using the right makeup brushes to apply makeup gives you flawless look. Buy quality brushes and maintain it well to last longer. Wash your brushes every week in

soap and water every three to four months. Carefully rinse the brushes and applicators, squeezing away any excess water, then leave them to air-dry on a clean towel.

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Only buy the most important products

Choose the important products that makes you look younger, vibrant and live and save money.