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Ladies, here are 5 bra mistakes you're probably making

Bra mistakes you make and how to fix them.

Here are 5 mistakes you’re probably making with your bras.

Choosing the wrong size

You should pick your bra size based on the band size. When you tie your bra around your bust, concentrate more on the band rather than the cup size.


Wearing the tightest hooks

According to HuffPost, a bra will stretch to three times its size. When new, the bra should be fastened with the outermost hooks then as it stretches you can switch to the inner hooks. If you need to fasten the tightest hook, you bought a bra that may be a bit big for you.

Repeating bras

You shouldn’t wear a bra more than twice before washing. Because hygiene.

Letting the bra clasp ride up your back


The bra clasp should be lower or at the same level than the underwire otherwise your bra doesn’t fit you right.

Keeping a bra for too long

When you wear them repeatedly and keep them for too long, they lose their elasticity and are no longer able to support you properly.


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