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Here's an easy way to remove red wine stains from white clothes

Now you can enjoy wine in peace

If you're like me, then you always stay away from anyone holding a glass of wine in a club or party where you're dressed in all white. The worst part about red wine stains especially on pants is that they can be mistaken for period stains and that's never a good thing. Now, I'm sure you have seen many methods out there on how you can remove wine stains from white clothes. If you're out, unfortunately, there's not much you can do besides sprinkle some salt on it, or pour some milk, white wine or club soda and dab on the stain to try and get rid of the stain till you get home. However, if you're home and you pour wine on yourself while wearing white, it's easy peasy and I have tested it myself so I can tell you for sure that it works. You have to note though, for this to work effectively, time is of the essence.

What you will need:



A large bowl

Boiling water


1. Remove the stained shirt and put a bowl underneath then stretch the parts that have stains and dab the wine stain with a cloth.


2. You will then generously sprinkle salt over the stains.

The sooner you get the salt on, the better your chances of absorbing all the wine.

3. After about 5 or 6 seconds, pour boiling water over the stains with salt.

The water will go into the bowl underneath the shirt. You should only stretch the side of the shirt with the stain, for better results, you could secure the shirt with a rubber band, so that it appears as though you're using the shirt to filter the water.

4. Once you pour the boiling water, you will see the stains disappearing.


5. Now you can either wash the shirt to ensure all stains are gone or just hang it to dry.


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