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How to turn your warm scarf into a stylish vest cardigan

Easy peasy

One of the things I have been looking for lately is a nice chunky cardigan or sweater vest that I can wear to beat the cold. However, my search has been fruitless, albeit, I came across a simple DIY to turn a scarf into a vest cardigan. Such DIYs are awesome because you don't even have to splurge, you simply use items that are already at your disposal and create something stylish. I especially love this particular scarf DIY because it's not permanent. Once you get bored of the vest, you can turn it back into a scarf. Win win.

So, to turn your scarf into a cardigan vest, all you will need is a significantly large and chunky scarf. Ideally, the kind you can use as a picnic blanket.



1. Start by folding the scarf into two.

2. You will then grab tow corners and tie them tightly into a knot.

Be sure that the knot is tight enough so that it doesn't untie. To be sure enough, you could add a tight bladder to secure the knot.

3. Once you have tied the knot, now all you have to do is put your hands through the two holes, one at a time.


4. Voila, you have yourself a cardigan vest which you can wear over a long sleeved top and jeans.


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