11 fashion choices by women that men hate

Men don't understand why women wear these things

Not that we wear clothes to please men, but sometimes, their opinions matter. Most men just don’t get some of the trends that we are into and some styles do not appeal to them especially because most guys are not really fashion conscious. Not to mean that you shouldn't wear something simply because a man doesn't like it. A woman should wear whatever she feels comfortable in. However, if you’re curious to know the trends that most men just can’t stand, we have compiled a list:

Ask any man out there and they will tell you that they prefer your face nude or at least, the less the makeup the better.

2. Wigs and weaves.

We may love our horse hair but it’s not a favorite of many men.

3. Fake eye lashes.

4. Dark lipstick like a black lippie.

They prefer lighter colors or actually, just lip balm.

5. Long ass nails.

6. Boyfriend jeans and high waisted jeans.

They do not understand what’s stylish about boyfriend jeans or even mum jeans. Apparently, even high waisted jeans made the list!

7. Harem pants.

MC Hammer pants are a no no for any man.

8. Over sized sunglasses.

Nope! You look like a fly.

9. Transparent leggings.

They’re tacky and not classy at all.

10. Maxi dresses.

Surprisingly, men prefer girls in decent sundresses as opposed to long flowy dresses.

11. Anything too baggy or to tight, too short or too long.

Decent yet sexy is more like it.


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