6 fashion trends that are timeless (Photos)

Always perennial

Trends such as tiny sunglasses, berets, crop tops and ruffles keep coming and going. It's the same thing year in year out. For instance, a trend such as cold shoulders was so huge back in 2017; right now, not so much.

Sure, people will still wear the trend of course especially those who couldn't care less about following trends. However, in my opinion, once a trend is over and done with, I'd rather go for perennial pieces instead. Speaking of which, these are the fashion trends that will always be timeless.

1. Denim.

Somebody please quote me. Denim will never go out of style. Even though denim keeps being reinvented over the years, I strongly believe that there's not going to be a time when denim basics such as skinny jeans, a denim shirt or even denim jacket will not be styish.

2. Stripes.

Stripes are so perennial. Think of a cute stripped shirt, skirt, blouse or dress. Stripes are enduring and uber stylish. In fact, every fashion-forward lady needs at least one striped item in their closet.

3. Animal print.

I'm not a huge fan of animal print myself. However, if styled right, with the perfect balance, animal prints can be super chic. Think of great snake skin thigh high boots or a stylish leopard print stiletto or even figure hugging dress. The key is to ensure the prints are well balanced to avoid looking too 'busy'.

4. Camo.

Another iconic print that stands the test of time. I love the fact that nowadays, camo prints come in many colors and you can actually go for vibrant colors like orange and black as opposed to the usual jungle green.

5. Florals.

Summery, colorful, stylish and a surefire way to serve some island-style. From big to small floral prints, you can wear the trend at any time of the year.

6. African print.

Even though the African print has become a little bit overrated, if we are being honest with ourselves, the print will never not be stylish.


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