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5 fashion lies every girl has told herself

Every girl will understand.

That isn't the only lie women tell when it comes to their fashion choices.

Here are 5 fashion lies every girl tells themselves- and their peers.

1. These shoes are comfortable


In most cases, heels offer discomfort either in the heel area or the toes. But beauty knows no pain so, "Of course the five inch stiletto peep toes are comfortable AF."

2. I don't do trends

Women like to see their fashion choices as unique. But the moment Rihanna wore it, it became the new black. And chances are- you're wearing it when it's in season.

3. I'm on a budget

Beauty knows no cost either. Bargain shopping can just as easily turn into a shopping spree.


4. It's an investment

This is usually to justify a very expensive purchase. For instance, a pair of designer shoes that retail for up to Sh15, 000 may seem unreasonable to most people but because they're from a major label, they'll last longer, ergo, it's an investment. No, you didn't buy it because it was just gorgeous.

5. I have nothing to wear

Yeah, with a closet full of clothes, the audacious line has come out of every girl's mouth. Especially when there is a significant amount of pressure to look excellent. Every outfit at that moment seems woefully inadequate.


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