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Here's why Masterpiece is the coolest Gospel kid in town

Bringing swag into the Gospel industry

If you do not know who he is, don't worry, you will know him soon enough as he's soaring high in his music career, after all, he has the IT triad that any superstar needs; looks, style and talent. While he only burst back into the limelight a while back, Masterpiece, now 21, started his music career at 13 years old, under the management of Producer extraordinaire, J Blessing.

Life was not easy for this Gospel cool kid who came from a humble background albeit, he had supportive parents. In an interview with SDE, he revealed that he wrote his first song, 'Koffi Yoo' with his friend Cabassa and while recording it, DK Kwenye Beat heard it, and wanted in on a collabo. Masterpiece would then take a hiatus from music to work on his studies and come back, bigger and better; and indeed, the kid is back with a bang. The music sensation is riding high, not only with a prestigious, Groove Award - Teens Song Choice of The Year Award for the 'Chini ya Mwamba' hit song under his belt, but also top charting hits circling the Gospel sphere, such as 'Baba Yao' - a collabo with DK Kwenye Beat, and his latest singles, 'Chini ya Mwamba' and 'Nimekubali', not to mention the plethora of interviews and shows he's booking.


One thing that stands out when it comes to Masterpiece is the fact that he has quite a different look. Maybe "a little too funky for a Gospel artiste", some would say. Masterpiece, born Emmanuel King loves to be unique and sports colored hair, which changes every other day. That, is safe to say is hi signature look. He also comes off as very fashion-forward in his trendy outfits. Matter of fact, he has been branded  "Hakeem Lyon" look-alike by some Kenyans as many seem to think he resembles the Empire Actor, a role played by Bryshere Y. Gray. But Masterpiece, in his defense, says that he is not sure what a Gospel artiste is supposed to look like, hence the song "Chini ya Mwamba" which clarifies, where he belongs. Ako Chini Ya Mwamba...Which brings me to the point of this article; I actually like his look and I think it's dope because it resonates with the younger demographic. See, Gospel music and being saved doesn't mean that you suddenly become 'boring'. Sure, there are things that one is supposed to abstain from; things that do not go in line with salvation like being seen partying and drinking hard and all that shebang. But I feel like the Lord would not mind a little bit of swag and think about it, artistes like Kirk Franklin got to where they are because they were doing Gospel "Differently"...yeah, Hallelujah and Kumbaya is alright but can we also dance a little bit? Maybe even get some rap up in that song and all? What I'm trying to say is that I like this kid Masterpiece, I like that he's doing HIM, taking the less travelled road and carving a niche for himself in the industry and at just 21 it's safe to call him a trailblazer and here's why:

1. He's actually really talented and his song are great.

Not trying to throw shade or anything, but he definitely doesn't sing about Digirii...

2. He started singing at a young age, which probably means that he's doing it for passion.

3. He's stylish A.F.


4. He totally rocks hair color and owns his unique and edgy look.

5. He's cute AF.

6. He's so humble.

Young stars, sometimes get caught up in all the hype and fame. But when you watch his interviews, you can tell that he's a humble guy and really, we can only hope that he will keep at it.

7. He's not afraid of being different and is the next big thing in the Kenyan Gospel scene.



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