Simple ways to recycle your clothes without people noticing

No one wants to wash their jeans after one wear…

Blogger Stella of Jadore Fashion pulls a chic blazer dress over shirt and boyfriend jeans

If you’re like me, you probably repeat your clothes a lot. Especially the jeans and jackets. Wearing them once, does not mean that they cannot be recycled. Unless of course, they’re too dirty. Obviously, when you recycle clothes, you don’t want people to notice, well technically because you kinda don’t want to be judged. So, how can you recycle your clothes, without people noticing? We have a few tips:

1. A statement accessory can change everything.

Think of a chunky necklace of chunky bracelets or even a hair turban. A standout accessory will be quite a distraction from the outfit and no one will even notice that you’re wearing the same jeans from the previous day.

2. Avoid prints and patterns.

If you’re going to recycle clothes, keep off from notable prints and patterns. It’s hard to forget a distinct print or pattern. If you wear say an Ankara trouser to work and repeat the same the following day, errrr many people are likely to notice so keep off from the prints if recycling is your thing.

3. Change the shoes.

Believe it or not, shoes play a huge role in completing an outfit. Think of a simple jeans and tee look, styled with sneakers or doll shoes. Now, think of the same outfit but styled with heels instead. A complete new look. A carefully selected pair of shoes can totally make your outfit look different.

4. Change the outer wear and layer like a pro.

You can easily make an outfit look different by styling it with different outer clothing options as well as layering. The great thing about this is that the outer clothes will be more visible and no one will pay close attention to what’s on the inner side.

5. ’Separates’.

If you wore your jeans with a floral blouse, try and style it with something different, like a denim shirt or a tee.

6. Add an unexpected dimension to the outfit.

Style your outfit in unconventional ways. You could add a modern or trendy flair to the look or even a DIY element. That way, the look will be completely different.

7. Hair and makeup.

Another brilliant way to distract the eyes from the outfit. A new hairstyle and a freshly done face will drive the attention away from the outfit and, that’s another great way to stop people from noticing that you’re wearing the same pants from the day before!


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