Sometimes you do not need to be an interior design guru in order to decorate your house with wallpaper designs. There are very many creative ways that you can employ in order to make your interior look spectacular and beautiful.

All you need to do is walk to the supermarket, mall or order a colourful wallpaper for your house according to the design you like.

Estimated Cost

Paste costs Sh500 a sachet

Wallpaper costs Sh500 per square meter

It costs Sh3000 to buy a full designer wallpaper on

Perform Time

5 hours

Tools Needed


Paste Brush or roller: An ordinary paint brush will doKnife or snap off bladeSpirit LevelSponge & bucket of clean waterSmoothing brush or plastic smootherTape Measure4" - 6" Putty knife and or straight edgeA pencilSandpaperStep stoolSeam roller

Steps to follow