Tips on how to make your clothes last longer

Keep your clothes from fading and wearing off with these tips.

Well some people do but even they know there are boundaries.

Yes, clothes tend to wear off after some time and while a good shopping spree is tempting, it isn’t always economical.

Want to know how to make your clothes last longer? Maybe these tips can help you out.

1.Rotate your clothes

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing but wearing it too much can cause it to wear off quickly because of washing it all the time.

Rotate your clothes.

2.Store clothes properly.

If you don’t plan to wear certain clothes often then make sure you store them properly. For instance, suits. Place them in breathable bags for better storage.

3.Avoid dry cleaning too much.

There are those clothes that need dry cleaning but that doesn’t mean that they should be dry cleaned every time.

4.Wash with cold water

When hand washing, it is best to wash your clothes with cold water to avoid wrinkling and wearing off quickly.


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