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5 mistakes men make when wearing jeans and how to avoid them

How to wear the right fit when it comes to jeans.

Man wearing jeans

However, to look fashionable, the jeans have to be the right fit.

Here are tips to wear the right fit for different types of jeans.


1. Skinny jeans

Mistake: Wearing jeans that are too tight or too loose fitting to be skinny jeans

Tip: Wear jeans where your palm can fit between the fabric and your thighs. The hem of the jeans should stack up around the ankles.

2. Slim fit jeans

Mistake: Wearing jeans that are too tight.


Tip: There should be trim through the hip, thighs and calves.

3. Straight jeans

Mistake: Wearing them high waisted, too baggy.

Tip: Make sure the waist is the right fit by wrapping it around your neck. Ensure that it wraps around your pelvic bones then descends to your ankles in a straight fit. You can add a cuff for a retro vibe.

4. Cropped jeans


Mistake: Making them too short.

Tip: Ensure they are the right fit and make sure that the jeans end just above the ankles.

5. Carrot fit

Mistake: Wearing with socks, making them too baggy.

Tip: Since they are loose at the top and tapered at the ankle, ensure that the jeans are not too loud or outrageous. Wear without socks. Use shoes to make the outfit pop.


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