5 mistakes men should avoid when wearing a suit

Tips for wearing a suit.

It's one of the few things that can elevate you to gentleman status.

A bespoke suit should be fitting, with the pieces complimenting or matching each other.

Unfortunately, some mistakes still filter through the cracks.

Here are common ones that should be avoided.

1. Wearing the wrong shoes

Men's shoe colours- when it comes to formal wear- only range from black to tan. The brighter shoe should be worn with a neutral colour. You can't wear a tan shoe with a black suit since the contrast is highlighted. A tan shoe should be worn with a light grey suit.

2. Buttoning all buttons on the blazer

The bottom button of the blazer should always be left open. Otherwise you look stiff.

3. Wearing the wrong tie

The tie shouldn't compete for attention with the shirt. The tie can be louder than the shirt if very little of it is visible (when wearing a three piece suit).

4. Choosing the wrong accessories

One shouldn't wear too many accessories with a suit. A tie and a pocket square are enough. Make sure the pocket square isn't the same colour as the tie.

You shouldn't wear a belt when wearing a three piece suit.

Avoid ostentatious accessories like pocket watches unless you are going to a social event that calls for one. Like a steampunk party. Or you're going dressed as Winston Churchill or Charles Njonjo.

5. Wearing the wrong size suit

Wearing an ill fitting suit doesn't just refer to the legs being too long or the hips being too tight. It's also the jacket being too wide.

To ensure the suit is fitting, always ensure that a tailor readjusts it, even if you bought it from a shop. According to Deutschewelle Business's Gerhard Elfers, the arms of the suit jacket should allow light to filter through when you hold your arms akimbo. Your shirt cuffs should be visible by at least a centimetre from the edge of your jacket.


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