Miss World Kenya the stunningly beautiful Magline Jeruto has been making us proud at the Miss Wolrld Beauty pageant for the past three weeks.

Now, the beauty queen needs our support to make her dream come true.

The globally attended competition has made a series of changes in thier mode of selecting the winner. Unlike before where it was in the judges’ discretion to select the winner, Magline needs votes from Kenyans and friends to win the crown.

Terry Muigai, the brain the founder of Miss World Kenya and hair brand Ashleys, explained to Pulse that, "The pageant has adopted an online voting pattern where one is also judged by the number of who vote for her as part of proving her popularity."

She urged Kenyans to gang up and vote for Magline who is doing a pretty great job representing the country. According to our sources, Magline is one of the few favoured and most admirable girls in the competition.

To vote for Magline, log onto the Official Miss World 2017contestants catergory and follow the simple instructions given.