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Lanes! Meet the man that matches his turban to his Rolls Royce (Photos)

While some struggle to match their socks, this man matches the colour of his turban to his Rolls Royce.

While the rest of us struggle to find matching socks on a cold day, Sardar Reuben Singh is matching the color of his turban to his Rolls Royce.

Fueled by a racist remark made by an English business man on his turban, a bet was struck between the two that he would not be able to match the color of his turban to his cars for seven days of which he clearly smashed the challenge.

“A totally innocent joke was made was made about my turban, which hurt me, resulted in me throwing down the gauntlet to this challenge so long as the people who made it pay money to charity,”he wrote on his Instagram account.


All the cars used in the challenge were his and he also used the challenge to raise awareness on everyone’s individuality and the need for a respect to people’s religions, cultures and roots.

Sardar founded the Miss Attitude teen fashion store in the 90s while in his early 20s.

He went on to found his second business, the alldayPA where he accumulated massive success and wealth from. Things took a turn for the worst in 2007 however when he lost control of alldayPA after declaring bankruptcy.

He is however fighting to regain control of the company once again.

Here are the photos:


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