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5 reasons why every lady should own a black blazer

Why the black blazer is every woman's best friend.

It is chic, sophisticated, simple, functional, and versatile and should be in every woman’s closet.

Here are 5 reasons why every lady needs to own a black blazer.

It looks great on all body types


Black is everyone’s colour. Unlike other bright colours that look clunky on plus size people, black is flattering to people of all sizes. The black blazer helps any lady look compact while accentuating their extremities and overall shape.

It goes with anything

The black blazer can be paired with anything. From jeans to dresses to skirts and if long enough can be worn as a dress all by itself.

It never goes out of style

Since the blazer was also introduced to female fashion, it has literally never gone out of style. It has evolved in terms of fit and length ranging from the baggy boyfriend blazer and the custom blazer but it will simply never stop being fashionable.


It can be worn anywhere

Depending on what you wear it with, the black blazer is welcome everywhere. From red carpet events to board meetings or leading praise and worship in church- the black blazer goes everywhere.

It is a power outfit

There are few things that can make you feel like you rule the world. Having the latest handbag, gorgeous lingerie, heels, form fitting jeans- all of them can help you be on top of your game, giving queens a run for their money. But the blazer is like a super cape that can give you superpowers of commanding a room.


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