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7 fashion tips and styles for slim women

Know how to dress your body type

The secret, however, is to first identify your body type.

If you are the skinny type, finding fitting clothes can be quite a challenge. But fret not. We have outlined some fashion and style tips to rock your body like a star.

1. Have it tailored for you


Getting well-fitting clothes won’t be easy if you are the skinny type. In most cases, you always find something bigger, or smaller. The best thing therefore is to get a fabric and have it designed just for you so that it fits you.

2. Avoid baggy outfits

They may seem stylish but they will only swamp your petite figure. Instead, go for fitting designs that highlight your body perfectly without looking like they are borrowed. Put on a well-fitting dress or jeans that is not too tight such that it makes you look skinnier.

3. Try peplum

The peplum design never disappoints with skinny girls. It creates the illusion of a fuller figure and gives the body more definition. You can try out a peplum dress, peplum top or a blazer that flares around the waist line. Frills are also great details to accentuate your shape.


4. Forget not the belt

The belt is not only meant for curvy women but also for skinny ones as well. A floaty dress or top paired with a belt over it will add to your shape and accentuate your thin waist.

5. Layering

Layering is another perfect way to create a fuller illusion. Layer tops and chunky scarves also give the illusion of curves filling out your slim appearance.


6. Bust area

You will need to create a fuller illusion around your bust area especially if you have a flat bust. Consider going for tops or dresses with pleats, ruffles, knots or twists around the bust. Play safe with V-neckline outfits as you do not want give a deep cleavage.

7. Stripes and color

Horizontal stripes are the best option when it comes to creating a curvaceous illusion. Also, opt for bold colors as they make you look broader and add volume. Outfits with more than two color combinations help in concealing your skinny figure.


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