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Here's what to wear when going to watch World Cup with the boyz' (Photos)

Swap the heels for sneakers for a sporty chic look

Now, even if you never had anything to do over the weekends, there’s a World Cup game to watch. I must admit that the games started with a few surprises, of course we all knew that teams like Saudi Arabia were a complete joke just like their blatant oppressive rules, but who knew that underdogs like Mexico would beat giants, Germany? Whoa, this is all too much to handle. I honestly don’t give two shits about football but I’m loving watching the games with the squad. You now those people who turn to cheer when they hear everyone screaming?

I like the fact that most sports bars were well prepared for the World Cup. From massive screens to special drink and food offers, there are many places where you and your squad can watch the game. But that’s not what this article is about, I’m here to talk about style. I promise not to bore you, please keep scrolling.

I assume that if you’re in a relationship, this is the time you give your bae space to do his thing with the boyz albeit, if you want to join in on the fun, do dress for the occasion. It's now time to fish out all those effortlessly stylish sporty chic outfits from your closet. Sporty chic is all about comfort - bits of athleisure mixed with wardrobe basics for a chic ensemble. Drop the heels for sneakers, comfy hoodies, statement tees and World Cup jerseys of the teams you’re supporting.


We have compiled a list of outfit inspirations that will give your sporty chic look a fashion forward spin so that you slay while watching the game with the mandem.

1. For the Hijabi fashionistas, long skirts paired with simple sneakers is a look!

2. Jumpsuits that are not form-fitting or free overalls paired with Vans or Converse shoes make for great comfy weekend style.

3. We love this dress shirt that has a dash of African print.


We also love how she added a turban for some flair.

4. The weather is a bit gloomy lately.

For those cold weekends, grab your trench or duster coat/sweater and throw it over a simple jeans, tee, sneakers ensemble.

5. When hanging with the guys, less is always more.


A simple statement tee, paired with jeans and a crossbody bag will be just fine.

6. This is the time to fish out those hoodies you only wear while in the house.

Indeed, hoodies can look stylish if paired with fitting skinny jeans and a swanky pair of sneakers. Not too shabby huh?

Grab your denim or button down skirt, pair it with sneakers and a cool tee and throw over a denim or bomber jacket.


8. If you have copped yourself one of the World Cup jerseys for the team that you're supporting, it's only fair that you style it like a pro.

Style is all about experimenting and thinking outside the box. Instead of pairing your jersey with jeans like everyone else, go for a stylish skirt look or side stripped pants that give off that athleisure vibe.

9. For those days you just wanna slay, well, do you boo and slay.

A matching tracksuit outfit paired with heels and a fanny pack is quite an on-trend look this year.


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