10 perfect responses when people ask when you'll get a baby

Ideally, your sarcasm should inversly proportional to their level of nosy.

It's okay you weren't as rude as they were nosy.

"Utapata mtoto lini?"

Raise your hands if you've been asked this more than you care for? I have and sometimes, the devil sneaks up on you and the desire to state in no polite terms that they should genuine get off your back becomes inevitable.

It's okay you weren't as rude as they were nosy.

One woman came up with some impressive answers after having her fair share of questions. I for one think that  Ariana Marder's pretty witty.

Check this out:

1. As soon as we learn how. Do you have any tips?

2. It's hard to hold a baby when you have one hand on the pole.

3. We're really not very good at sharing our food (sadly shaking head).

4. I'm not a fan of people (glare and hold for a beat)—especially the short ones.

5.We're still working out how to raise them to not ask stupid questions.

6. We want to see how yours turn out first.

7. I need a three-year nap first.

8. Our piggy bank is only half-full, and I heard they're expensive.

9. Why? Are you finally sick of talking about yours?

10. We're holding out for cloning.


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