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Meet the president of Nairobi's exclusive society dubbed 'Women Who Whiskey'

To commemorate World Whiskey Day, every year Maryanne and her friends hop aboard what she describes as a global whiskey flight.

Maryanne Mumbi, the president of Women Who Whisky-Nairobi Chapter

Whiskey has largely been known as a man's drink, but did you know that 40% of whiskey consumers globally are women?

That's what a study conducted in 2018 found, and it's a fact that Maryanne Mumbi, the president of Women Who Whisky-Nairobi Chapter, knows all too well.

Every March 27, Ms Mumbi assembles her friends for what she describes as a whiskey flight, in which she serves them whiskey from different destinations across the world.

"It's usually a global flight, so I take my friends through American to Indian to Islands to Scotland to Japan of whiskeys," she said.


The Women Who Whisky, is an international organization that celebrates and empowers women whisky enthusiasts around the world.

With over 20 chapters globally, Maryanne is proud to represent the only African chapter, and she is determined to promote the organization's mission of creating a safe space for women to explore and enjoy whisky.

Our headquarters are in New York, and we have over 20 chapters globally. I'm the one who leads the Kenya chapter now. A fun fact is that the Kenya chapter is the only one in Africa, so it's a privilege and an honour to run the amazing organization here in this part of the world,” she said.

The Nairobi Chapter of Women Who Whiskey was founded in 2014 by Kimberly Smith, who was the first president of the chapter. Since then, the chapter has had another president, but Maryanne is the first Kenyan to hold the position.


From her circle of friends, the membership grew to 100, and through her leadership and dedication, Women Who Whisky-Nairobi now boasts over 2,000 members from different parts of Kenya and beyond.

While most of the activities take place in Nairobi, the organization has held virtual events that have brought members from all over Africa and the world together.

Women Who Whisky-Nairobi's activities are centred around women's interests and passions, and Maryanne ensures that each event is tailored to the members' needs and desires.

From informal hangouts to formal whiskey tastings, the organization provides a safe and inclusive space for women to explore and learn about whisky while building lasting friendships.


As Maryanne puts it, "women are the focus, and the whisky is the glue." The organization's goal is not only to celebrate women's love for whisky but also to create a platform for women to learn about the industry, network with other professionals, and gain confidence in their abilities.

For Maryanne, one of the highlights of her tenure as the president of Women Who Whisky-Nairobi was a virtual tasting session with Kirsten Grant Meikle, a great-granddaughter of William Grant, the founder of Glenfiddich.

The session featured different expressions of the whisky, and Kirsten shared her wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry with the members.

Maryanne's dedication and leadership have brought the Women Who Whisky-Nairobi chapter to new heights, and she hopes to inspire more women to break barriers and pursue their passions fearlessly.


Watch Pulse Kenya's chat with Maryanne Mumbu below


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