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3 differences between millennials and generation Z

You must have come across the terms Generation Z (Gen Z) and millennials. These define two generations of people.

A group of men and women representing millennials and generation z [Image: RDNE Stock Project]

Millennials, otherwise referred to as Gen Y, represent people born between 1980 to 1995 whereas Gen Z, also known as iGeneration, are the ones born between 1996 to 2015.

Other than their birth year difference these two groups have very different approaches to things.

Here's a look at some of their stark differences in terms of career choices, tech savviness and sense of style.


Millennials are generally raised on the traditional go to school, get a degree and get a job way of life. They are more likely to settle into the traditional career options and have a pretty set way of doing things.

Gen Z on the other hand are anything but safe. They would rather not go to college but head into the work force directly. Gen Z also prefer careers that allow them a work-life balance unlike millennials who generally fall into the long working hours and no social life routine.

When it comes to career longevity, millennials are likely to climb the corporate ladder as opposed to Gen Z who are more entrepreneurial and don't stick around a job for long.


When it comes to technology, Gen Z is looked at as the most tech savvy generation. This is the generation that has grown up around smart phones. They are more aware of trends and cutting-edge innovation. Gen Z is also incredibly creative and resourceful.

They always know how to get the answers to any tech challenges. So much is their curiosity about technology that they have found a way to make money off of it from apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Gen Y on the other hand were not born into a world with the internet and have grown up alongside the rapid technology advancements. This makes them more likely to learn systems quickly and deal with constant technology development. More millennials would also rather use social media for entertainment purposes than as a business venture.


Each of these generations has left its mark in the fashion world. So distinct are their styles such that online wars about which style is cooler were started. Millennials prefer skin-fitting feminine clothes. They are all about how tight clothes cinch their waists and bring out the sexy in them.

Gen Z on the other hand appreciate a more androgynous look. They appreciate unisex and gender-fluid outfits. For them, comfort is key, hence they opt for loose-fitting clothes and lean more towards athleisure type of clothing that is casual with a sexy twist. Whereas millennials prefer a full glammed up look, Gen Z lean more towards a soft natural glam look.

While these differences are notable with each group, it is not necessarily a black or white affair. A single person may identify with one or two characteristics of the other group.

The point is to understand how these differences can be made to work together and enhance the relationship between different generations.


It is also interesting to see how the next generation dubbed Generation Alpha will fit into this space.


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