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5 foods to eat to get rid of allergies

Get rid of allergies for good


And although there is no proven way to get rid of allergies, there are foods you can eat to relieve the allergy and slowly get over it. The best way to deal with allergies, however, is to avoid the foods and conditions that trigger your histamine.

Try out these foods that are known to help in fighting allergies:


1. Natural honey

If you are not already allergic to honey, you can sweeten up things a little bit by trying it out. It helps in countering your allergies as well as preventing future reactions.

2. Green vegetables

Vegetables’ taste is not the best but green leafy kales, spinach, collard, and kales are rich in Vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals that help in boosting the body’s immune system. Vegetables and fruits also help in detoxification and increasing the antibody’s response which relieves allergies.

3. Strawberries


You will also need to stack up more on foods rich in Vitamin C with strawberries being the best source. They supply your body with antioxidants as well as reduce allergic symptoms. This is because the moment the levels of Vitamin C dip, histamine levels rise.

4. Stinging nettle

It hurts when you touch but it heals when you consume it. But you don’t have to get it from the fields as you can get its powder form at the supermarket or herbs’ store. This herb has anti-histamine effects and is known to be very effective in counteracting allergies.

5. Onions

Whenever you can, always add onions to your food and better if consumed in their raw form. Onions are affordable and readily available and they also stop the body from producing histamine.



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