Why settle for regular sandwich when you can have one of these

Rather than take the regular omelette sandwich, consider yogurt sandwich, chicken sandwich or any of these.


Sandwiches are quite easy to make and can be modified with just any ingredient of one's choice. Asides from the conventional egg sandwich, beans sandwich, beef sandwich, noodles sandwich even chicken sandwich are a few other sandwiches to give your meal the adventure you desire.

Here are a few sandwich recipes you should consider preparing the next time you want a sandwich.

1. Yogurt sandwich

This sandwich can be prepared by mixing yoghurt, veggies, chilli flakes and chopped coriander leaves in a wide bowl. Then spread on the bread slices.

2. Tomato cucumber sandwich

From the name of this sandwich, one can infer that it's basically a combination of tomatoes, cucumber, pepper powder and scoops of mayonnaise spread a slice or two of bread.

3. Vegetable grilled sandwich

This sandwich requires boiled potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, cucumber and butter and other veggies of choice (blended together) and spread over slices of bread.

4. Avocado corn salad sandwich

With 1 ripe avocado, sweet corn, tomato, onion, diced carrot, pepper powder, lemon juice, butter and of slices of bread, you can achieve this delicious sandwich.

5. Tomato cheese sandwich

Tomato, cheese, onion, chilli flakes, powdered pepper and butter all spread of slices of bread, Tomato cheese sandwich is all done.


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