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6 common cooking mistakes and how to fix them

How to fix common cooking mistakes.

Cooking perfectly is only reserved for those who did home science in high school or had gourmet experts to teach them.

Here are 6 common cooking mistakes everybody makes and how to fix them.

Letting the pan become too hot


This results in smoke, oil that becomes too hot which leads to food burnt on the outside but still raw on the inside. Or leaving you with mandazi that are too tough.

Quick Fix

Pour droplets of water on the pan and when they roll around the pan then it’s ready for the oil. If it sizzles and evaporates in one place, lower the heat until the droplets start rolling around.

Lumpy soups, gravies and uji

This comes as a result of improper mixing and too much boiling.


Quick fix

To keep your soup or gravy or uji lump-free, make sure the water hasn’t come to a rolling boil and add you liquid mix in steps.

Too much or too little flavour

Ever eaten that food that feels like it had too much interaction with the Royco or tasted food that needed a re-introduction to salt and pepper? That’s because the flavours weren’t added properly.

Quick fix


Layer the flavours. Add aromatic flavours first. Things like ginger, garlic and onions should be added first to the oil.

Delicate herbs like dhania should be added towards the end because they become bitter or tasteless when cooked for too long.

Add your spices in layers depending on strength.

Soggy noodles or spaghetti

You used a small sufuria.


Quick fix

When using a smaller saucepan, ensure the noodles or spaghetti are swimming in that water. You can drain it later.

Crunchy rice

Quick fix


Before cooking rice, make sure it is washed and soaked for a long time. Then add up to 5 cups of water for every two cups of rice. Cook on low heat.

Overcooked on the outside but raw on the inside meat

This happens when you don’t defrost the meat.

Quick fix

When dealing with defrosted meat, let it sit in room temperature for twenty minutes. Some people place the meat in room temperature water to help with the defrosting. After your meat will turn out well whether slow roasted, fried or stewed.


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