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Recipe and steps for making Kuku paka

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30 mins

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Main dish

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Recipe Yield

4-6 people

About Kuku Paka

It is also referred to as kuku na nazi. Kuku paka is a chicken coconut curry from the East African Coast. It is believed to have been birthed by the blending of the Arab, African and Indian cultures at the coast.

Kuku in Swahili means Chicken. Paka in Swahili means to smear, apply or spread while Nazi simply means Coconut in Swahili.

The food is particularly popular in the East African Coast among the Indian communities living in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Coconut milk and curry spices are the main ingredients. The flavor from, char-grilling before adding it to the coconut curry base is the aspect that sets it apart from other ordinary coconut curries. This gives it a smoky flavor.

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